We are extremely pleased to announce that the Charity for the month of June, chosen by our employee Raheesa is Operation Smile.

Millions of children living with untreated cleft conditions have difficulties eating, breathing, speaking and being accepted by many of their peers and communities. Operation Smile is helping to change this story. 

In the UK cleft conditions are operated on within the first three to six months of a child being born. However, in many countries medical resources are scarce and, even when available, the cost of surgery and after-care is out of reach for many children and their families. That’s where Operation Smile comes in making it possible for children with cleft to smile again.

If you would like to know more or donate please visit https://www.operationsmile.org.uk/

Callisto has pledged to donate £1000 every month to a charity chosen by the employee drawn in the monthly ballot. Once drawn each employee is not returned to the ballot until all our employees have had the opportunity to nominate their chosen charity.